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Masks & N95 Respirators

Masks and N95 Respirators

There is currently a shortage of Corona Virus Protection Equipment (CVPE). Government Agencies and Medical Institutions are currently in great need. programme operates a centralized blockchain platform to help address the issues above. The platform brings together Buyers, Government Agencies, Manufacturers, Sellers, Supply Chain Finance Providers, and other players in CVPE Supply chains. All parties on the CVPE Blockchain can share data as they deem appropriate.

The CVPE Blockchain can help locate sources of CVPE supply, and help ensure that counterfeit products do not enter the supply chain. It can also help speed up, streamline and facilitate the Supply Chain. Contact us today to access verified and available CVPE Products….

Battlle against the COVID-19 pandemic

FDA Approved Face Masks, N95 Respirators for sale

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