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Frequently Asked Questions

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WELSON Frequently Asked Questions

What are your main services?

Mold, Injection molding, Processing, Plastic injection mold, Plastic injection molding, Precision component,
Die-casting, Double injection molding, Fixture, Double injection mold, Insert Molding, Folder,
Insert Mold Overmolding, Overmolding mold, Unscrewing mold, Gas assisted mold, Large size mold,
Multi & Single Cavity Mold.

How long does it take to build an injection mold?

Lead times for mold design and fabrication depend on complexity of the part and availability and requirements of materials. Simple molds can be completed in a few weeks. Complex, high cavitation, hardened steel, or multi-action tools can take up to a few months to complete. We build our molds to last in a high production manufacturing environment and do our best to work within our customers time and budget constraints.

How much does a mold cost?

Complexity of the mold, including part design, size, and number of cavities and materials used all have major impacts on the overall cost of the mold. Mold costs can range from a few thousand dollars for a simple design to hundreds of thousands of dollars for a complex, multi-cavity, multi-action, hardened steel mold.

How does the quoting process work?

Usually when RFQ is received, we will offer our quotation within 1-2 days. Our quoting engineers are highly experienced in all areas of molds.(injection mold, injection molding, die-casting mold, insert mold, etc.)
From design to material selection we guarantee that getting a quote has never been easier and quicker.

What about your after sales?

Our customer’s mold drawings and the whole data will be keep in database forever. Whenever our technical supports or services are needed, we can response to our customers with quick speed.

How do you insure quality?

Welson is a world class scientific molder. All injection molding presses are equipped with process monitoring of every shot. Welson Corporation is ISO9001:2008 、ISO14001:2015、IATF16949:2016 certified.

How do you protect my mold?

Each tool is put on a preventative maintenance program. Detailed records of shots, preventative maintenance, and mold modifications are kept on each tool in our possession. Experienced mold makers are available 7 days a week for tool care and maintenance.

Can my mold be modified if I change my part designs?

While it is typically best to identify up front the possible volatility of the design of your part, practically all molds can be modified to accommodate changes to your part design.

Can you assemble my parts or provide custom decorating and packaging?

Welson offers a broad selection of customized in-plant assembly, finishing and packaging services. Whether press-side or through our specialized Assembly Department, Weson can provide one-stop service.

Why should I entrust my project to Welson?

Welson is there for the long haul. Welson is a financial stable partner that has been under continuous family ownership for 10 years. A proven low PPM rate, a zero tolerance defect goal, and an ISO approved quality system would be enough for some companies. We operate 24/7 to insure a reliable stream of finished components . . . striving for perfect parts, on time, every time!

What type of molding services do you offer?

Welson can help to bring your project from concept to completion. Welson can design and prototype a new part, build a custom mold, manufacture, and assemble your plastic part all under one roof.Welson has 10 injection molding presses ranging from 80 tons to 1000 tons. We are a contract manufacturer and can provide a turnkey manufacturing solution whether you are starting from scratch or transferring an existing production mold.

Do you offer a service to assist and/or evaluate my product for moldability and/or manufacturability when my part is in the design stage?

Yes we do. For existing customers, it is part of the service we provide for the new projects they are designing. With new customers, those services would be available on a project cost basis or could be wrapped into the costing of the new mold.

Do you offer prototype tooling?

We have the ability to produce a tool aimed at prototypes. They are more geared at lower volumes and allow for part refinement.

Do you bring in and mold using customer molds from other sources?

Yes, Welson does receive and run molds that were done at other suppliers. Many Welson customers looking to consolidate their supply base have molds sent to Welson to add to the production programs already sourced here. We have a process/procedure in place for receiving, evaluating and using molds from outside sources.

What size parts can you make?

We operate 10 injection machine ranging from 30 tons of clamping force to 1500 tons. Shot sizes range from 0.1 ounce to 155 ounce. Typical injection molding clamping force ranges from 1-1/2 to 5 tons per square inch (depending on part thickness and resin selection) so a 1000-ton press can produce parts with a surface area of approximately up to 1000 square inches.

Can you mold around inserts or metal components?

Welson Corporation was a pioneer in over-molding of fabrics, metal, plastic components and filter media. We use robotics on all our injection presses to insure that metal inserts or other components are precisely nested in the mold before molten plastic is injected.

How about the tolerance?

Normally our mold tolerance is 0.05 mm, Product tolerance is 0.005mm.

How many shots will you guarantee from my mold?

Welson builds tools to accommodate the expected number of parts over the life of the project. Domestically produced tools can be built to a one million shot life if warranted. Some Welson-built molds have produced several million shots with minor rebuilds over the life of the tool.

Who owns the injection tool?

In all cases at Welson the customer owns the tool. It is custom designed to make our customer’s part(s) and is paid for by the customer. As such it is a customer asset that resides within our facility.

What steel do you usually use?

We usually use steel of P20, H-13, 1.2311, 1.2738, 1.2343, 1.2344, 1.2083, 8407, NAK80, 1.2316, S-7,420, 420SS, etc.

What material do you usually use in tool building and injection molding?

Normally speaking, MOLD MASTERS, YUDO, INCOE, SYNVENTIVE are our hot runner suppliers; LKM, ASSAB, SCHMOLZ+BICKENBACH are our steel suppliers; when comes to the plastic suppliers, we choose CHIMEI, LG, SABIC normally.

How about the terms of payment?

For tool building, usually 40% deposit, 30% first shot customer approval, 30 % after the customer final approval.
For injection molding, 50% at order, 50% before shipment.

What is the data required for quoting an injection mold?

Normally, 2D&3D data are required for quotation; but if you do not have 2D or 3D date yet, you can send us pictures of your product with specific sizes.

What is involved in injection mold preventive maintenance?

All molds have moving pins which can eject the parts out. Maintenance will include periodic greasing of these pins, as well as all other moving components, and cleaning of the cavity and core surfaces.

What is the typical process of a new project?

Assessing where your part is at in the design stage. A designed part will lead us to a quotation for the mold and the part’s manufacturing. We can assist with enhancing the design for mold efficiency as well as manufacturing efficiency.

Can you produce parts in different colors?

Yes. API can work with resin suppliers to pre color compounds or can use liquid or powder colorant for that perfect color match. Coloring processes usually project specific.