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Automotive injection molding has enhanced the auto industry for decades now, and for good reason. Injection molding provides consistency, high volume and low cost. Converting parts to plastic material can help drive down costs, maintain part strength and at the same time reduce weight over metal parts, which leads to increased fuel efficiency for cars.

Our Automotive Injection Molding Service

Nothing is more important to our automotive customers than keeping their vehicle launch programs on schedule. These clients rely on us to use our technical expertise and product development know-how to keep them on track.

Working with Welson Mold’s Product Development Team will reduce time to market while improving part manufacturability at a lower overall cost. We are also an experienced leader in metal-to-plastic part and product conversion.

Welson Mold practices continual improvement in all processes in order to achieve total customer satisfaction. In the Automotive industry, you need a molder to be responsive and act quickly, while considering all options and offering the best molding practices to the automotive customer. Responsiveness to any and all issues, engineering changes, documentation and sharing cost reduction initiatives are all standard practice for the experienced automotive injection molder.

We understand that our automotive customers have unique and complex needs. Welson Mold’s dedicated design and application engineering staff are active to assist our customers to design out cost and improve application function. Welson Mold’s long history and mastery of technology ranging from mold production, injection molding, and assembly processes allows us to respond to the diverse needs of the automotive industry each year.

Automotive Injection Molding Capabilities

Our automotive plastic injection molding capabilities include:

  • Instrument Panel Components
  • Acrylic Lens
  • Interior Bezels
  • Shifter Knobs & Assemblies
  • Keyless Entry Housings
  • Back Lighting Controls & Buttons
  • Pads & Cushions
  • Insert Molded Spacer Blocks
  • Door Handle Components
  • Sunroof Components & Assemblies

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