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Plastic materials are ideal for use in electrical and electronic applications. Plastics can withstand high voltages and high temperatures without degradation. Many of our materials offer superior insulating properties. Plastics exhibit dielectric strength, high insulation and corrosion, thermal performance, and water and heat resistance. These qualities make them ideal for safe, high performance electrical components.

Our Electrical Injection Molding Service

The electrical and electronic industries have a very unique set of demands, which means that materials suppliers must offer multiple grades coupled to extensive research and development capabilities.

Welson Mold offers a range of engineering polymers with grades developed specifically to address these demanding needs, offering solutions for a wide variety of electrical and electronic applications.

Applications such as electrical and electronic housings, enclosures, sockets, switches and wiring components can leverage the strong and extensive research and development efforts that Welson Mold has committed to its engineering polymers.

Plastics in Electrical and Electronic Applications

In the kitchen, there are the labour-saving devices that we wouldn’t be without, washing machines, microwave ovens, kettles.
In the living room there are the television, the video and the music system, while at work, we may use a computer, a fax machine or a telephone. Plastics make progress possible, making electrical goods safer, lighter, more attractive, quieter, more environmentally friendly and more durable.

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