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Household Appliance

Household Appliance

Home appliances are electrical/mechanical machines which accomplish some household functions, such as cooling/heating, cooking or cleaning. Examples: Coffee machines, refrigerators with complete equipment, including freezer drawers, balconies, components for boards, panels, pumps, connectors, nozzles, applications in special high performance injection materials, e.g. Grivory, Peek, others.

Our Household Appliance Injection Molding Service

High-end appliance manufacturers partner with Welson Mold to mold top-quality appliance parts including shelves, drawers, handles, containers, baskets, ice makers, frames, end caps and many other custom appliance components and assemblies – from clear ABS and polycarbonate plastics for superior clarity with no dirt specks, or white ABS free of color swirls and imperfections.

From refrigerators to dehumidifiers – major to smaller appliance OEMs – new appliance part designs to redesigns and improvements, Welson Mold serves the appliance industry with the latest plastic injection molding technologies, materials and advanced part and mold design to provide the superior-quality components demanded by the highest quality appliance manufacturers around the world.

Household Appliance Injection Molding Applications

Field of application:

  • Molds, injection molding of plastic materials, co-design, engineering, finishing, assembly.
  • Multicomponent injection.
  • Small parts – medium-sized parts, aesthetic parts, highly complex parts, technical part

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