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Office Appliance

Office Appliance

Office Appliance consists of stationery as well as the machines present in the office. Stationery are the products that used daily by the employees like staplers, gum, notebook, pins, pen, clip, markers etc. whereas, machines are the big costly instruments used by employees like Xerox machine, printer, scanner, pen drive, monitor, computer, table, chair etc.

Our Office Appliance Injection Molding Service

Welson Mold makes excellent use of its proprietary technologies in such areas as materials, lubrication and precision molding to produce a complete range of products that meet:

  • ever-more sophisticated customer demands
  • the requirements of the latest technologies
  • environmental needs
  • the constraints of energy-saving technologies

In particular, high reliability is a crucial requirement for banking and financial equipment.

Office Appliance Injection Molding Applications

Welson Mold has years of achievement to support leading edge technologies for office equipment such as:

  • copiers
  • printers
  • banking and financial equipment
  • automatic ticket gates used in transportation
  • cash registers
  • various card-related equipment

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